Information About Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Facilities 

By Matt Brindisi

Treatment for substance abuse takes place in many different settings and incorporates a wide variety of approaches. Substance abuse is a complicated disorder which can overtake virtually every aspect of a person's ability to function, in society, the family, at work and other areas.

Because of the complicated issues and problems surrounding drug addiction, treatment must involve many different methods and modalities. A drug treatment program is well-versed and knowledgeable about the latest and most innovative approaches to substance abuse treatment and can help with any type of addiction, no matter how severe.

A faith-based treatment program not only focuses on putting God first, but also teaches an addict how to use other methods besides drugs to deal with problems and cope with stress. A faith-based drug rehab program also focuses on healing the addict to be a productive member of society once again. With sobriety and successful substance abuse treatment, a person can experience a better, healthier life.

A drug treatment program has treated different addictions and substance abuse situations in many different settings using behavioral modification, medical intervention and Christian principles. Along with faith-based treatment come traditional treatment methods which are used by secular rehabilitation facilities, which increase the likelihood of success for the addict.

Because substance abuse and addiction are major problems for the public, a large portion of drug treatment is funded by state, local and federal sources. Unfortunately, many people who choose traditional treatment do not receive the same level of compassion and spiritual support as those who select a Christian drug treatment center.

Drug treatment programs are responsible for helping and healing residents in the state, as well as other substance abusers from all over the country. A faith-based treatment program can help with the detoxification process and employs a staff of medical professionals to assist and deal with the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal. Once detoxification has been completed, the substance abuser is clean and purified from the toxins of drugs and ready to move on to the counseling and therapy portion of the treatment process.

While in counseling and therapy, an addict is encouraged to share stories and experiences with others in the same position. Having a strong and supportive network of others who care and share the same goals, is an important asset to a substance abuser going through rehab treatment. Working with a licensed and skilled team of therapists and counselors a substance abuser will deal with each and every facet of addiction and be better able to heal.

Florida Christian drug treatment programs not only help Christian substance abusers, but also welcome others from any religion or walk of life. Having the knowledge and power of God's love has been another important weapon for a person fighting back against drug addiction. The road to healing and sobriety is paved with temptations and evils, but with the power of Gods help an addict can resist and give up a life of drug use and be happy and complete once again.

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